Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Flooding in Fuquay!

I hadn't intended for this blog to be a current events blog, but I got some nice shots of our local park flooding today after a brief but intense storm. I guess anywhere can be subject to flooding if it rains hard enough. Kudos to the town of Fuquay for getting barriers up at the flooded road quickly. Hopefully everyone in town was safe and the damage is minimal.

The corner of W spring and S Spring should have been renamed River street in the evening of Wednesday the June 2nd.

The water continued to rush along flooding out the park and springs. Hopefully the damage won't be to severe when the waters recede.

While not nearly as bad as the flooding in the Springs park, the lake on East Academy Street was about a full as it could get without really flooding. The slight wash over Raleigh road was not enough to deter these two young joggers.

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